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27 мая 2017, 14:54

CEE 2017 Crashes with PC Show 2017

This is interesting and great news for consumers. Next weekend in Singapore at the Marina Bay area, there will be two tech events. Both of them are for tech-savvy consumers to explore. The first one is already reported here. How about this? CEE (Consumer Electronics Exhibition) 2017.


I don’t remember there was a time when both shows are on the same period. Anyway, they are great news for consumers. CEE 2017 will start from 1st June and ends on the 4th June. It will be held at Suntec Singapore.

If I drive and want to go to both shows, I will park my car at Suntec, visit CEE and then make my way to PC Show via MRT.

Here are the highlights of the show: -

  • Sure-Win Instant Lucky Dip
  • CEE Purchase with Purchase Super Deal!
  • Trade-in Old PCs, Notebooks, Tablets and Smart Phones
  • Trade-in any E-Mobility
  • Trade-in Old Gaming Consoles and Software
  • Trade-in Backpacks by Challenger
  • Starbuys
  • Most Creative Pose with Booth Babes
  • FREE CH2 Screen Protectors

It is interesting that they PEV/PMD trade-in and Backpacks trade-in activities.

Click Here to Check Out Details of the CEE 2017 Highlights

Unfortunately, the two shows are not side-by-side. So, be sure to grab the good deals before they are gone.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/techielobang/PGBx/~3/xSRhwn0cg-U/